Lincoln Maternity


Average births = 178
Average transfers in for postnatal care = 720
Distance 19.7km, 30mins from Christchurch

Primary Maternity Unit.

  • 2 Room for labour and birth
  • 2 Pools for water birth
  • 6 Postnatal rooms
  • 1 Assessment room

There are two clinic rooms available on a booking system.

There is also an assessment room that you can use for primary assessments.

You can also consult and if needed NICU will come to retrieve an unwell baby.

There will always be one experienced supportive core midwife to assist at the birth or ask for a second opinion.

During the day there is also a  hospital aide.

There is a system to call in experienced midwives to come and assist if needed.

  • We hold emergency skills days
  • New graduate familiarisation days

There is the facility to pick up a home birth pack of linen and then drop off to be laundered.

Although a rinse in a cold wash first would be appreciated.

Call: 03 325 2802

Lincoln Maternity Hospital
35 James St,
Lincoln 7608

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