St Georges

St Georges (1)

Average births = 255
Average transfers in for postnatal care = 1252
Distance 5.1km, 12min from Christchurch Women’s Hospital.

Primary Maternity Unit.

  • 2 Rooms for labour and birth
  • 1 Pool for water birth
  • 10 Postnatal rooms

There will always be two experienced supportive core midwifes to assist at the birth or ask for a second opinion.

During the day there is also the charge midwife, receptionist and hospital aide.

There is also a lactation consultant, breastfeeding clinic and physiotherapist available for your women.


  • Emergency skills days
  • New graduate familiarisation days
  • Breastfeeding education for health professionals
  • LMC forums
  • You can order and pick up Anti-D from St Georges Maternity for your woman in the community.
  • St Georges is proud to house the first Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank.
  • As an LMC you will have a dedicated free parking space.
  • If at a labour you will be provided with refreshments.

Call: 03 375 6020
Fax: 03 375 6339


249 Papanui Road, Strowan,
Christchurch 8014
Private Bag 4737, Christchurch 8140