Publicity Committee

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Publicity Committee Canterbury and West Coast Region New Zealand College of Midwives


  • Heff Heffernan
  • Rachel Davies
  • Janaya Anisy
  • Melanie Welfare



As the publicity committee we see our role in promoting midwifery throughout the region. We endeavour to have a midwifery presence in events that women will attend, this could be as diverse as having stalls at mother and baby events to attending Women’s Marches across Aotearoa.

The team organises and coordinate events across the region  including big events such as International Day of the Midwife and International Woman’s Day, working in conjunction with the Wellness Committee, Website and Facebook teams.

We welcome any suggestions you may have on events that we could become involved with. Please email us at the address above or see one of the team members at the regional meetings.

Regular Events

  • International Day of the Midwife May 5th
  • International Woman’s Day March 8th
  • Christmas Function December Regional Meeting

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Publicity Committee Report 2019