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The Pregnancy Incentive Programme

The PIP provides incentives at four milestones in the smokefree journey.

The first voucher ($50) is provided to all woman who attend an introductory session whether they enrol or not. This voucher was intended to provide a tool for the LMC to facilitate engagement and an effective referral to Te Hā – Waitaha.  It also supports the SSP to engage the woman in a quit attempt, and if that is declined, to discuss how to keep the baby safe from the effects of smoking after birth.

The second ($80) and third ($100) vouchers are provided at 4 and 12 weeks after quitday to help motivate and support the women to remain smokefree.  A gift pack and a $50 voucher are provided to celebrate the achievement of those who have a smokefree birth

 A Quickmist mouth spray was also provided to women free of charge.   Quickmist is particularly useful for pregnant women, but is not a subsidized medication.

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Te Hà Waitaha AGM report 2019