Wahakura and Pepi pod drop in clinic

pepi pod pic

Every Fortnight from Rāpare/Thursday 11th Hōngongoi/July 3-5pm.

197 Linwood Ave

Whare Haumanu

Right next to Linwood SCL lab.

Any one who has a whānau who requires a safe sleep space can either come and pick one up or send whānau down to collect. I will be providing the safe sleep message then with them.

Referral form: http://whanauoraservices.co.nz/referral-forms/

or contact Kate.Nicoll@omwwl.maori.nz

Place              baby in own baby bed, face clear of bedding, in the same room as the caregiver.

Eliminate      smoking in pregnancy and protect pēpi with a smoke free whānanu, whare and waka.

Position        pēpi flat on back to sleep, face up towards the sky

Encourage    and support māmā, so that pēpi is breastfed

Kate Nicoll
SUDI Prevention Co-SUDI Prevention CoOrdinator

021 991 764 | Fax 03 349 0645

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Please see the referral forms below:

2018 Whanau Mai REFERRAL FORM

Request to Receive a Safe Sleep Device – Wahakura or Pēpi pod

Download their beautiful resources:

Nga Whenu Book ONLINE (1)

Safe sleep for P.E.P.E A5 information card – final