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Our committees our made up of volunteers who are passionate and work hard to contribute to the region.

If you are interested in joining any of the following committees you can email them directly to find out more! We are proud of the hard work and achievements of our committees and are always open to fresh ideas and energy!

Publicity Committee

As the publicity committee we see our role as promoting midwifery throughout the region. This can be in the form of organising fund raising events or annual functions across the region.

We also endeavour to have a midwifery presence in events that women will attend.

Research Committee

The research committee’s main role is to review applications by researchers and decide whether they are compatible with the NZCOM research strategy and hence suitable for dissemination among members.

If you have research that you would like us to review please email us.

Education Committee

The Education Committee runs 7-8 education session (90 mins each) per year on the third Thursday of each month for midwives and students in the Canterbury West Coast region. 

We aim to select topics that are relevant to practice and provide up-to-date information for midwives run by experts in their field.

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee aim to provide support, in whatever form is required, to individual Canterbury/West Coast New Zealand College of Midwives (NZCOM) regional members.

This could be in the form of peer to peer debriefing, mentoring, financial hardship grants or support in the situation of an unexpected outcome or gifts.

Please email us if you know of a colleague that is experiencing hardship. All issues are held in the strictest of confidence.

Komiti Kawa Whakaruruhau / Cultural Safety Committee

The purpose of the Komiti Kawa Whakaruruhau is to work towards biculturalism in all aspects of the activities of NZCOM Canterbury West Coast.

To uphold and promote the articles and principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in NZCOM Canterbury West Coast

We also aim to develop links with Māori community organisations.