Unite against COVID -19 – LMC regional updates


Hi everyone,

the current situation regarding global outbreak of COVID-19 is a rapidly changing one. The object of this news post is for community midwives to be able to access all of the regional updates in one place.

Below you will find documents and links with updates from all of the community health providers that we work with to enable us to provide our midwifery service. It is easy with a lot of information flying around to feel overwhelmed or to feel you might have missed key updates. I would encourage everyone to go to the source if they are unsure to ascertain they are getting up to date reliable information.

The government has now changed the New Zealand Alert Level to ALERT LEVEL 4: CONTAIN

For the most up to date information, please see the following websites:



Updates from MOH and the College:

NZCOM College COVID 19 updates

College advice Alert Level 4. 24.3.20. v2.0

MOH Covid19 Information for community-based midwives 21mar20

MoH Midwifery care women in isolation Covid19 table 1. 21mar20

MoH Midwifery care suspect&confirmed cases Covid19 table 2. 21mar20

Regional Chair update 26/03/2020


Please find below the letter outlining changes to Pacific Radiology’s services. Please note there is currently no change to the services Longhurst Radiology is providing.


Southern Community Labs:

please find below their letter in regards to reduced services. They are generally asking only for urgent or essential blood tests. Also with regards to Glucose Tolerance Testing or Polycose test they would prefer if we can do that ourselves. I did say this would be unlikely due to the risk/ time and strain on resources for the midwife. Otherwise only their Selwyn branch will be doing those.

CSCL Laboratory Update COVID Response Essential testing and Homevisits (1)


SCL screening for gestational diabetes during COVID 19

Current CDHB updates:

Guidance for use of PPE for LMC – 03042020

NormaCampbellCOVID Update 03-04-20 LMC

COVID-19 LMC update 270320


CDHB COVID 19 Visitor Policy

Norma Campbell Letter to LMCs

CDHB COVID-19-Suspected-or-Confirmed-CWH_2406791

CDHB COVID 19 Risk assessment

PPE Training for midwives

Immunisation Update March 2020

Message from John Hansen CDHB Chairman

CDHB Education update COVID 19

St Georges Maternity:

St Georges Maternity letter

Māori women’s welfare league – how families can meet their basic needs during lock down:

B&W essential services


MMPO has gone virtual and has extended their hours to provide extra support:

You can contact us on:

  • Phone:                         03 377 2485
  • Email:                          mmpo@mmpo.org.nz
  • Website:                     www.mmpo.org.nz
  • Facebook Pages:

MMPO:                https://www.facebook.com/MMPOupdate/

MMPO Locum Support: https://www.facebook.com/midwiferylocumservice/


All Plunket referrals should now be emailed to:



Supporting home birth during COVID 19:

Homebirth tips COVID 19

The use of birth pools for a planned home birth during the COVID 19 pandemic

Lactation consultants:

Community lactation consultants are also now virtual and can provide video conferencing consults for women:

Our referral system to the service remains the same, via our website


Breast pumps for hire and sale:

Catherine Rietveld – pumps for hire and sale – 0272286747 or rietveld560@gmail.com

Ashleigh Taefu – Bella Ma double electric pumps for sale – 0211052813.

Julia Daly @ morethanmilk pumps for hire and online LC consultations.

Rotary Community Breastmilk Bank:

Unfortunately the Rotary Community Breastmilk Bank has had to close as it has not been deemed an essential service so are not able to get their milk pasteurised.


Ara has removed all students from their placements for the duration of the lock down period.


MRC drop in service is closed although the service will continue on the phone and email. Clinics can continue with each clinic holders discretion and with extra precautions in place.

Midwives are still able to purchase supplies from the MRC as it is important you are able to keep you birth supplies stocked. Remember we have disposable kits for sale to use for home births. If you want to purchase some consumables just email Mel Campbell who will arrange pick up or drop off.


MOH – Removal of the requirement for original copies of faxed prescriptions

Message from the Pharmacy Council:

Our Pharmacists are under enormous pressure in responding to the requirements of COVID-19 and are needing to protect themselves at the same time as assisting patients in dispensing their medicines.  It would be extremely helpful if you could encourage midwives to fax prescriptions or send them through NZePS to the pharmacy desired by the patient.

Pharmacists have told us that it would be desirable for those collecting prescriptions to contact the pharmacy first to ensure their medicines are ready, before presenting in person.

Many pharmacies now have processes in place restricting physical access to premises to ensure they can continue to provide services to the public throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wilson Parking:

Wilson parking have agreed to no charges around the hospital to help essential workers during the pandemic.